Financial Freedom Trading Forex?

Financial Freedom Trading Forex?

Financial Freedom Trading Forex

Have you ever felt trapped in the Rat Race and wished to retire quickly but rich?

Have you ever felt that you are spending way too much time working for your boss at your office instead of spending quality time with those you love? Your spouse, children, friends?

Have you ever felt frustrated because you are so deep in debt that you think you won’t be able to retire because as soon as you do, the money will stop coming and thus you won’t be able to pay off your mortgages and credit card?

Have you ever felt that you have no control over your life anymore in terms of time? Think about it: can you take a vacation just anytime whenever you want/ need it and as long as you want/ need it?

Have you ever wished that you can work whenever you want and wherever you want?

You are not the only one!

Too many people are trapped in a Rat Race because they have to. There are too many bills to pay, and too many dreams to fulfill. To them it seems that there is just no way to quit their job and enjoy life, travel and see the world with their loved ones.

Most people work because their bills tell them to, not because they really love to do it. Most people enslave themselves to their debt or job, because (they think) they have no choice.

This is when the craving for achieving financial freedom come in.

Financial freedom concept with apporoved applicationFreedom to choose when to work, without worries about income cuts. Freedom to spend more time with your loved ones, without worries about your employment or your boss. Freedom to take an expensive vacation, without worries about retrenchments thereafter. Freedom to do what you like, instead of what you’ve got to do, without worries about whether or not what you like generates enough income for you.

If you seriously crave for financial freedom, finding a better job with a higher paycheck is not going to work. Higher paychecks would usually mean more expensive lifestyle, more needs, more mortgages you THINK you can afford, more responsibilities thus more working hours and more time to spend at the office instead with your loved ones. And there is always the same problem: as soon as you stop, the money stops.

If you understand this, you will come to see that financial freedom is not measured by how much money you make by working, but by how long your money can support your normal lifestyle when you stop working.

And financial freedom is definitely not about accumulating abundant riches. It is about a golden chance to live abundantly!

Imagine! With financial freedom, you will have more quality time to spend with your family and friends. You will have more control over your life to do whatever you want, whatever you love, whatever you’re passionate about. You will be able to give more, help others, make your part of the world a better place to live! You will be able to spend as much or as little time with your business as you choose. You will be able to come and go at will.

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What a great chance to live abundantly!

financial freedomIs craving for financial freedom realistic? Yes it is. It is not impossible to achieve it. Ordinary people have achieved financial freedom. They may not have their own luxurious yacht, but they have the time and the money to take their family on an expensive cruise to the most expensive spot on earth.

There are basically only two fundamental things ordinary people have known for decades to achieving financial freedom:

1. Manage your time and money!

Time and money are the only two factors that keep people from achieving financial freedom.

To duplicate the success of people who have reached financial freedom, you do not need to have self-confidence, super intelligence, high education, great luck, hard-work or great career path. Although those are all good characteristics, they are not fundamental to achieve financial freedom.

All you need is a good time and money management, which would also result in high productivity!

Invest your time in creating extra money that you can later invest. You can do that by taking up a part-time job or working overtime.

As soon as you have more extra income, be a responsible manager of your own money! Live less than your income so you can start investing. It is from investing in a business that will one day generate income for you and sets you financially free from having to work for a living.

As much as possible avoid borrowing money for anything at all. I believe everybody has been taught about the negatives of being in a debt, but very few have been taught to consider the benefits of being debt-free.

By being debt-free, you will have more money to invest. Ask yourself this question: how difficult would it be to create an extra thousand a month by cutting expenses and by investing the money you normally use to pay your debt?

2. Start investing in your own business to create Financial Freedom!

Is There A Way?

financial freedomForex day trading is now one of the most popular trading platform now operating. Fx day trading begun in the 1970’s, where currency pairs were first bought and sold when floating currencies and free exchange rates were introduced.

It is only the participants in the market who help determine the price of one currency against another, based solely upon supply and demand which makes this market unique in that it cannot be manipulated by any external forces.

Being the largest liquid market with over 5 Trillion traded daily, with so much floating money it would be impossible for one single investor to significantly increase the price of one currency. Also, with such liquidity, unlike stock markets, traders are able to open and close deals within a matter of seconds due to vast volume of investors.

You can trade 24/5 from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon – 00:00 GMT on Monday to 10:00 pm GMT on Friday – thus depending on your timezone or preference for a particular market their are no limitations as to which currency pairs you choose to trade.

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How does Forex Trading Work?

forex 20Lets say you “the investor” want to speculate on a particular currency. You open up a credit line with your broker. A credit line is simply a means of borrowing, this can be obtained by starting off with as little as £100.

By opening up a credit line you are able to speculate in the currency market. Most brokers will also allow you to open demo-accounts where you can practice trading without investing your own monies.

This is how trading works. When you are speculating on a particular currency, you are placing a trade. A “trade” can normally be defined with an account of £10000. So say you believe the GBP is going to go up against the USD. You open up a “trade” and place down 1%, £5 a pip, total risk £100 with the GDP at the price of 1.4989.

Over the course of the day or week – (normally each day pips average from a 60 to a 100 pip fluctuation on these currency pairs) – your prediction comes true and the GDP position is at 1.5050 and you decide to close the deal.

You’ve then earned 61 pips or about £310. Therefore on your initial risk of £100 you’ve made £310. When you close your deal your initial deposit is credited to your account along with your profit margin. In the case of a loss it is debited.

Many people dream of and seek financial freedom… but very few find it. Why do so few of the many who try to gain financial freedom fail? The reasons are mainly psychological in nature. In short, most people do not cultivate and exercise the mindset and behaviour that is necessary to achieve financial freedom.

I have a confession to make. I looked at evert get-rich scheme. I bought as much information on this as I could get my hands on. I did this until I uncovered a real way to generate cash from home. Forex day trading is what I discovered as the best home business opportunity.

When done right, Forex day trading can be very simple to do. With the wrong information, it can be incredibly hard and risky. In fact, with the wrong trading system, you could wipe out your account very fast.

Successful traders learn how to make consistently profitable trades. They use straight forward mechanisms to do this. They remain calm and confident while they trade as they know some trades will be losers but overall there will be more winners.

You want to start out trading amounts. You won’t make a lot of money at this point but in the beginning, you should just get used to trading. Once you are making consistent profits, then start buying and selling larger amounts.

Forex day trading is very exciting. With the basics down, a trusted Forex broker and the correct strategies, you are fully armed to make some serious money.

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